Estate Agencies Photography… Only £100

Are  you selling your house online? Estate Agencies photographic portfolio for only £100.00

Do you need a professional photographic portfolio of your house?
Yes first impressions count.

Professional property photographs taken at a fraction of the price.

Estate Agencies are charging £250 & more just for the property photography.
Make the right move and save £150 with Steven Littler Photography.

The Importance of Professional Photography when selling your home….

If your agent is taking photos using their smartphone or a small, hand-held digital camera, without the proper lighting then you’ve got a problem. .

Right move photography

The right move with Steven Littler Photography

Staging your home…
Take the time to prepare for the photography by having your home cleaned. Make sure the space is de-cluttered and free of excess ‘things’. Remember, buyers want to think of your home as theirs. Consider the best time of day to shoot your property when there is plenty of light. If the forecast calls for rain, re-schedule your appointment for photos if possible for a day that will have sunshine.

Selling your house online

Remember, you are selling your home the same way a company is selling a product in their stores or in their catalogue. They are trying to present things in the best possible light. And so should you. In most cases you’ll only have that first glance to grab a buyer’s attention.

prop- 002

selling your house garden

selling your house garden



prop- 008

Selling your house Bedroom

Selling your house. Bedroom

Selling your house Entrance Hall

Selling your house. Entrance Hall

Selling your house bedroom 2

Selling your house. Bedroom 2

Selling your house bedroom 3

Selling your house. Bedroom 3

Selling your house nursery

Selling your house. Nursery

prop- 045

Selling your house bedroom 4

Selling your house. Bedroom 4

Selling your house bedroom 5

Selling your house. Bedroom 5

Selling your house bedroom 6

Selling your house. Bedroom 6

Selling your house living room

Selling your house. Living room

Dining ideas for a festive feast

Dining ideas for a festive feast


selling your commercial property

selling your commercial property


commercial property

Commercial property

com-017 com-018 com-024 com-025

commercial property 2

Commercial property 2

Colchester commercial property

Colchester commercial property

 Commercial property Colchester

Commercial property, Colchester

 Commercial property Col

Commercial property, Braintree

com-040 com-044 com-052 com-053 comf-028 comf-047

 Travel Fees:
FREE for all location shoots within maximum 50 miles radius from CO6 2HE


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