Wedding Photography at St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral wedding

St Paul’s Cathedral wedding

On Saturday we had yet another fantastic day.
We had the pleasure of capturing Debbie & Lee’s wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral, London and the reception at The Grange Hotel St Paul’s

Bride at home

Bride at home

Bride having pre wedding pictures

Bride having pre wedding pictures

Groom at St Paul's

Groom at St Paul’s

Bride arrival at St Paul's

Bride arrival at St Paul’s

Getting married at St Paul's

Getting married at St Paul’s

Bride & groom at St Paul's

Bride & groom at St Paul’s

Wedding at St Paul's Cathedral

Wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral

Wedding party at St Paul's

Wedding party at St Paul’s

Family photo's

Family photo’s

Family photo's St Paul's

Family photo’s St Paul’s

Romantic bride & groom

Romantic bride & groom

Reception, The Grange Hotel

Reception, The Grange Hotel

The Grange Hotel, St Paul's

The Grange Hotel, St Paul’s

Last dance

Last dance

Debbie & Lee at St Paul's

Debbie & Lee at St Paul’s

The first breathtaking view that visitors encounter when they enter the cathedral is from the Nave, which is the long central section of the cathedral that leads to the dome.
This is a public and ceremonial space, designed for congregations at large services. The Great West Door is nine metres high and is now used only on ceremonial occasions.

There are three chapels at this end of the cathedral – All Souls’ and St Dunstan’s in the north aisle and the Chapel of the Order of St Michael and St George in the south aisle.
The North Aisle
The North Aisle is located to the left of the Great West Door entrance. This area houses The Chapel of All Souls, The Chapel of St Dunstan and Wellington’s monument.

The South Aisle
The Chapel of St Michael and St George is situated on the south aisle, to the right of the Great West Door Entrance. The chapel was originally the consistory court – the place where the bishop sat in judgement over the clergy, or priests.


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